Ashlyne Huff Raises Her 'White Flag' On Debut Single
January 20, 2011

Rising singer Ashlyne Huff's first foray into the dance/pop arena may be dubbed "White Flag," but according to the songstress, the track is not about giving up, but rather giving in — to awesomeness. The Nashville newcomer recently broke down the concept of the peppy, synth-driven jam — which just hit radio airwaves — to MTV News and explained that the single has nothing to do with relinquishing control, but rather trying out something new.

"My first single's called 'White Flag,' and most people are like, 'Oh, what are you surrendering?' I'm like, 'Nothing, really, besides my heart.' I wrote it about something that actually drew from some life experience," she said. "Some guy, like, likes you, tries to get your attention, [and] you don't necessarily blow him off, you just don't notice. And finally, you ... take a second and you decide, 'OK, I'm gonna give this one [a] shot. What do I have to lose?' and then it ends up being kind of awesome. The good kind of surrender — it's good for you not to control every moment of your day."

The daughter of producer and guitarist Dan Huff, who has worked on records by Madonna and Michael Jackson, Ashlyne is poised to make her mark on the music scene with her forthcoming album, Let It Out. Inspired by everyone from Janet Jackson (Huff used to jam to the superstar's smashes while cheerleading) to singer/songwriters like Marc Broussard and Natasha Bedingfield, the songbird and dance enthusiast describes her album as a peppy selection of dance-floor-ready cuts; even the slow jams are made for busting a move.

"This single is indicative of the rest of the album. It's fun, upbeat, very dance-oriented, because I like to dance in everything I [can] possibly do, even the slow stuff. Somehow, we can get it in there," she said. "The whole album's called Let It Out, and it's just one of the ways to let it out. Let go of things, let go of that control. ... And also being whoever it is that you are, be who you are, no matter what that means for you, and don't hold back."

Huff cranked out the album in a marathon week of nonstop recording sessions, teaming up with a crew of writers and producers well-versed in crafting diva-approved hits. "We kind of created this little creative compound, and we went in the studio for seven days — actually, no six days — in California with Evan Bogart, who wrote on [Beyoncι's] 'Halo' and [Rihanna's] 'S.O.S.,' and he has a team called the Writing Camp. So we took six days, three rooms going, nine writers, and I just moved back from one room to the next, and by the end of the week, we had the whole record," Huff said. The rising singer said the resulting tracks had the exact vibe she was striving for: "It was cool, because it was like, we know what we wanted — upbeat, happy dance songs that made you feel good — and we got it."

With her album slated to hit shelves in May, Huff confirmed a tour is in the works but couldn't reveal the final lineup. However, she did admit there's a fellow Southern singer she'd like to team up with for a trek.

"This is a random one, but I would love to tour with Taylor Swift. She's also a Nashville girl, and I don't think genres are really important anymore, 'cause, like, people love Taylor and then they love Pink and then they love Justin," she said, possibly referring to Bieber or Timberlake — or both. "I feel like it's more interesting to put pop and country together ... because you get to go see what you would see at an awards show or like the VMAs or something." Are you excited for Ashlyne Huff's debut? Let us know in the comments!

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Posted on July 12, 2010
Posted July 12, 2010
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