Icons, originators and superstars: The artist is an undeniable flashpoint in modern music. TWC, who creates for a roster of marquee performers from Beyoncé to Britney, has now formulated a division of The Writing Camp to build a roster of new artists. The objective is to spotlight ascending recording artists whose music will create a lasting legacy.

With the backing of TWC, emerging artists will refine their art and craft to maximum potential. While musical trends come and go, it is rare and extraordinary talents who truly define the word “artist.” TWC is not intent on manufacturing passing pop stars; rather they are offering an unprecedented opportunity to a select roster of rising artists to be polished and presented to the industry as timeless.

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Sonyae Elise

In an industry where a new artist is often described as a variation of one or more other artists, Sonyae Elise is leaping onto the music scene with a “Rebel” sound all her own. Born and raised in New Jersey, Sonyae was brought up in a musically minded household and has since found she’s tended to be "ahead of the pack” as a result of her “Mother’s musical lifestyle and my father’s street lifestyle.” Beginning with an interest in the theatre in Third Grade, Sonyae’s desire to entertain eventually landed her on musical theatre’s biggest stage as a performer on and off Broadway in productions such as Lion King, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors and Rag Time.

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Posted on May 03, 2012
Posted May 03 2012
The Writing Camp's Eric Bellinger wrote upcoming single Lemme See off Usher's newest album to be out in June 2012. Aside from Lemme See, Bellinger will be involved in additional tracks on the album as well as songwriting for Justin Bieber and Chris Brown in 2012.
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