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Talented, unique, colorful, and artistic are just a few words to describe a truly gifted musician. The same expressions hold true when describing the artist/songwriter/producer known as Scotty G.

Raised in the most famous jazz city in America, New Orleans, Scotty began his introduction to music very early in life. Learning that he was the great nephew of “The Queen Of Gospel” Mahalia Jackson, Scotty began to embrace his musical gifts and use them to guide his future. At the age of 8, Scotty caught wind of the schools first ever talent show and with his parents approval he entered only to win the entire competition. He then, in 1998, made his TV debut with an appearance on the world famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York. Scotty went on to beat out 9 other acts and be named one of the best kids in the nation. Scotty then released his debut album titled, “Revelations of Music” on New Orleans based label, Jam Tight Records. Scotty released his second album, “So Natural” with Poetik Arkhitekture Inc. that included the 2005 class song for his high school which he performed at the graduation entitled “Class Dismissed”. In 2006 right after his 18th birthday, Scotty was cast as a contender on ABC’s “The One: Making a Music Star” displaying his talents to the nation for the first time in years in hopes of becoming the “One”.

After attending school at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Scotty moved to Los Angeles where he found himself gracing the world’s biggest stages with Pop Star Jordin Sparks. Scotty acted as Creative Director for her live show as well as backed her on keyboards and vocals for nearly 4 years.

During the summer of 2008 Scotty released his debut single overseas called “A Higher Love”. It was this high energy dance/techno song, which he wrote, that reached the top spots on various charts. In addition Scotty also wrote big club songs like DJ Jose’s “LIKE THAT”, DJ Antoine’s “LIVE IT ALIVE” and “MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY”, Hi Tack’s “I DON’T MIND” and Roy Gate’s “I AM THE MUSIC” and “FREEZE”. Scotty’s singles have gone platinum in various countries and have frequented the Top 40 charts and although these dance songs were going in a completely different direction from his soulful roots… Its these songs that have made Scotty a highly sought after singer/producer/songwriter in the dance world.

During Scotty’s career he has had the opportunity to share the stage or collaborate with musical greats such as Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Ne-yo, Aretha Franklin, Justin Beiber, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Usher, John Mayer, Britney Spears, Aretha Franklin, Aaron Neville, Charmaine Neville, Jewel, Allan Toussiant, Sanjaya, Jordin Sparks, Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews, Irma Thomas, Dave Matthews band, and many more.

Scotty’s latest endeavors include championing ABC’s WIPEOUT course (strictly for fun) and appearing on BRAVO’s songwriting competition based show “PLATINUM HIT”. At 24 years old, He is now officially a part of The Writing Camp as a songwriter/artist and sometime this year Scotty is planning on releasing his third album titled “A Songwriters Right, A Heart’s Story” which will showcase his amazing songwriting talents and include everything from country, r&b, pop, and rock. Scotty has a few albums under his belt, direction and collaboration with the best in the business, and talent that no one genre can contain. Scotty G. is ready to put the true meaning of “genius” back into the music industry!

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Posted on May 03, 2012
Posted May 03 2012
The Writing Camp's Eric Bellinger wrote upcoming single Lemme See off Usher's newest album to be out in June 2012. Aside from Lemme See, Bellinger will be involved in additional tracks on the album as well as songwriting for Justin Bieber and Chris Brown in 2012.
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