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A career aspiration for producer, songwriter, engineer and musician Greg Ogan was to become a part of huge songs that would touch immense, worldwide audiences. Working with the most distinguished hierarchy in modern music -- a short résumé includes Rihanna, Sean Kingston, Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, Natasha Bedingfield, Kelly Clarkson, Flo Rida, Brandy, Usher and The Game -- has helped him achieve that goal.

Originally from Boston, Ogan attended the city’s Berklee College of Music as a drummer before adding engineering and producing to his arsenal. After graduation, he worked to establish a niche in town before venturing west to Los Angeles. As a chief engineer for producer J.R. Rotem and Beluga Heights Records, Ogan was behind the board for a roster of music’s most successful artists. It was with Sean Kingston on the artist’s sophomore release Tomorrow that Ogan distinguished himself as a vocal producer.

At this career juncture, Ogan is aligned with The Writing Camp (TWC), and Sony/ATV, where he collaborates across all of his creative disciplines. His knowledge of music reveals an encompassing command of musical genres. “I grew up loving rock music and then early and middle hip hop, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep and Pharcycde. I went through a period where I got into old and new jazz, contemporary fusion, funk, soul and R&B; live hip-hop, jam bands, and then in L.A. into the pop stuff. I know what a song needs section wise. Hearing a song as we’re writing it on piano I can hear it finished: drums, bass, synths and how to bring it stylistically to the right genre.”

For his studio expertise, Ogan looks back to the classic architects of the analog craft like Tom Dowd, Geoff Emerick, Mutt Lange, Eddie Kramer and Bill Scheniman. “The old school guys with the old school mentality. It was very disciplined, there was a lot on the line. The stakes then were higher; if you pressed one button the creation would be gone forever. They had to be very on point with technology and technique, and also very sympathetic creatively and psychologically with everyone in the studio to make sure the vision was brought to life in the right way where every one could be having a great time.”

While many hit producers see themselves as artists, Ogan sees production as a way of bringing music to a broad collective of listeners. “It’s not about me – it’s not about my sound, or who thinks I’m cool or not, it’s having us enjoying the music we’re making in the room on that day. Sometimes production is transparent. Other times, it’s very much the defining factor.”









Posted on May 03, 2012
Posted May 03 2012
The Writing Camp's Eric Bellinger wrote upcoming single Lemme See off Usher's newest album to be out in June 2012. Aside from Lemme See, Bellinger will be involved in additional tracks on the album as well as songwriting for Justin Bieber and Chris Brown in 2012.
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